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Knights Templar Charitable Foundation of Canada


The Knights Templar Charitable Foundation of Canada was established June 24,

2003 by the issuance of Letters Patent by the Minister of Industry under the authority of the Canada Corporations Act.

Subsequently the capital funds held by the Knights Templar Widows, Orphans and

General Welfare Fund were transferred by The Sovereign Great Priory of Canada to The Knights Templar Charitable Foundation of Canada.

As a registered charity the Foundation is empowered to issue tax receipts for

donations. Therefore tax receipts are issued for all donations over $10.00. All donations go in to the capital fund in prepetuity and only earned interest is expended for the charitble works of the Foundation.


"The objective of the Foundation is to promote, encourage and carry on Charitable

works within Canada including the relief of poverty and the aadvancement of education. And also to gift funds to other registered charities under the Income Act."


The Foundation is governed by a Board of Seven Directors elected annually by the

membership at the Foundation's Annual General Meeting held during the Annual Assembly of The Sovereign Great Priory of Canada. The Directors and Officers of the Foundation serve without remuneration or monetary considerations of any kind.

All Fraters of The Sovereign Great Priory of Canada are de facto members of the


Divinity Student Bursaries

Bursaries to Divinity Students are awarded each year by the Foundation, the value

varying each year based on demand and funds available.

All requests for bursaries must be received by the Foundation

by the Foundation Secretary with all requisite documantion by October 31st each year. Only requests/applications submitted on the Foundation's authorized forms will be considered. The student applicant must be sponsored by a Preceptory.

Only residents of Canada pursuing their studies in a recognized Canadian institution

of higher learning are eligble for consideration for bursaries.

Widows, Orphans and Destitutes

The Foundation maintains the ideals and objectives of the former Knights Templar

Widow's, Orphans and General Welfare Fund.

All requests must be submitted by the Sponsoring Preceptory on the authorized

Foundation Claim Form in order for it to be considered. The Sponsoring Preceptory is best situated to validate claims and therefore, in a sense, acts as the 'eyes and ears' for the Foundation.

All awards are made on a 12 month basis. If there is a continuing need new claims

must be investigated and submitted by the Sponsoring Preceptory on a annual basis for as long as the need exists.


Donations to the Foundation may be made through the Registrar of the Preceptory or

directly to the Foundation Secretary, Kenneth Mielkie.

The Foundation will gratefully accept bequests as well as memorial donations in the

name of deceased members, family members and relatives. Donation/Bequest cards can be obtained from the Preceptory Registrsr's or the Foundation Secretary. All such gifts will be acknowledged in writing by the Foundation.

The Secretary of the Foundation: Kenneth Mielkie

504 D'Marrocco Court

Sarnia, Ontario

N7V 0A1

Phone: 519-541-1425


On the Sovereign Greate Priory of Canada web site under Charitable Foundation will

be found basic information including application forms for "Widows and Destitutes" and "Divinity Student Bursaries" which can be downloaded.

The 2015/2016 Board of Directors:

David W. Hickman, P.Eng.


John R. Dollimount


Gordon J.J. Simmons, D.Min

(Secretary & Spiritual Advisor)

George B. Fairbairn


John V. Lawer, Q.C.

(Legal Advisor)

Jeremy Gomersall


Terry Gould


Larry J. Hostine, B.A

(Hon. President)